Analyzing Instagram Feeds: What Successful Fashion Instagrammers Do (100K+)

In this post, I’ll examine the Instagram feeds of the following fashion bloggers: @kkarmalove (~300k), @waikeezy (~100k), and @dressupbuttercup (~250K). This is just meant to be a fun post – maybe even shed some insight – that explores ways to up your Instagram game!


Disclaimer: all photos belong to their respective owners. Cover photo photo credits to Ryan Chua.

I tried to pick a set of bloggers with differing amounts of followers, who use Instagram primarily as a platform, in conjunction with their own style blogs. First I’ll introduce who they are, then breakdown of their Instagram feeds in terms of content. My analysis of pattern will focus on a set of 9 photos in their feed, which is the first thing people see when they stumble onto your Instagram. Finally, I’ll end the post by giving you some action items on how you can grow your own Instagram as a fashion blogger:

Exhibit 1: @waikeezy: Waikei Tong 

She’s a fashion blogger from New York City (originally Las Vegas), known for her bright smile and colorful outfits. I follow her account primarily because she’s smiling in all of her posts – everyone needs a little brightness in their day.

  1. Waikei posts consistently, every 2 days on average.
  2. 9/9 photos is of her.
  3. She’s wearing a different outfit in each photo.
  4. There is a different background of the city, which makes the photos interesting.
  5. 3/9 she is smiling and looking at the camera. 6/9 she is smiling and looking away.
  6. In all her photos, she is smiling widely, which sets a happy tone for her feed.
  7. She has gorgeous long hair that reaches past her waist, always wavy.
  8. Her captions are quite short, about one-two sentences long, usually referencing something about the photo.
  9. She usually takes time to respond to all of her comments in each photo, so she has a very engaged instagram community.

Exhibit 2: @dressupbuttercup: Dede Raad 

She’s a fashion blogger from Houston, known for her put together/impeccable fashion looks, lovely smile, and toned-bronzed skin. I follow her because I love how she looks so put-together in each outfit. 

  1. 7/9 photos are full-body shots of her, 2/9 are of her and friends/other people.
  2. She’s wearing a different outfit pairing in each photo.
  3. Each caption is about her outfit and sometimes include a tad more about how she’s feeling that day.
  4. Background is always different and interesting, lots of cityscapes. But usually the background doesn’t distract from the outfits.
  5. In most of the photos, dede is looking straight into the camera and smiling.
  6. On average Dede posts quite regularly, every 1-2 days.

Exhibit 3: @kkarmalove: Christine Hsu 

She’s a fashion blogger based in Los Angeles, known for her toned beach-ready bod, fashion-forward outfit pairings, and socal lifestyle posts. I follow her for her put-together outfits and inspirational laid-back socal lifestyle. Also I just like the aesthetics of her feed a lot.

  1. Posts 1-2 days on average.
  2. 6/9 are of her by herself, 3/9 are with her friends.
  3. It would appear that selfies and food are mixed in with dslr/professional photos.
  4. Most of the photos have interesting backdrops of city or surroundings, which goes along with her travel theme.


The common theme in these Instagram accounts is that these girls post very consistently, always with different outfits, and interesting backgrounds. And they usually look like they’re having a good time, so forget about that bad day you just had. Life is perfect on Instagram 😛

Posting intervals

I noticed that both Christine and Dede post a LOT, over 1,000 posts on their account. They also post frequently, that means at least once every two days. Note that they don’t post more than once a day though! Both have a 200-300k following, so it suggests that posting often will help your Instagram growth.

Quality photos

As we saw from their feeds, none of these lifestyle/fashion instagrammers post experimental photos nor just slap on photos from their iPhones. However, it’s consistent. Therefore, don’t feel obligated to post National Geographic-quality photos…. just get someone with a Canon EOS and a 50mm to take your outfit photos. 😛 Perhaps your Instagram Husband/Wifey?

Interesting Backdrops 

We noted that none of these ladies take photos in front of a white wall. The background can vary from a landmark to a street corner, but it’s always of something a little more interesting than a texturized wall. So forget what you learned about “minimalism” and just find interesting spots in your city to shoot.

Forget Acting Cool For the ‘Gram, Just Smile! 

For instance, Waikei is practically in every shot, and she’s grinning at the camera in most of them.


Thus, here are some action items for you… if you are looking to be the next Waikei or Christine or Dede.

  1. Post every other day. That means you probably want to shoot 5-7 outfits in one photoshoot session so that you can have 7 photos to share throughout the following week.
  2. Be hardcore about pairing fashion outfits + scouting for different backgrounds. No repeat outfits.
  3. Smile even if you’re all alone in this world. Literally though, each lady in this case study have at least 6/9 photos where the photo is just a pic of themselves smiling at the camera.
  4. Last one: have a theme in mind. Don’t post something too edgy one day, then something super girly in another. People generally follow your account so they can predictably see what they expect to see. Makes sense?

That’s all for this post. I just thought it would be fun to analyze some of my favorite Instagrammers and see how they might have gotten so successful. Keep in mind this is all very surface-level observations, I don’t plan to dig deeper into things like color schemes, other strategies they use to grow their instagram or their personal lives.

Anyway! If you found my analysis informative or entertaining and would like to read more….

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In the next posts, I analyze top foodie instagrammers and wedding photographers.