Brand Photography Session For Your Business or Blog, Based in Seattle WA

Stephanie is a Seattle-based illustrator. On Monday, I worked with her on some fresh new branding photos for her website. We shared some insightful discussions, laughs, and enjoyed latte from Slate Coffee Shop.

Brand imagery includes your headshots & profile images, as well as images of the physical products you may sell.

These are some photos from our session:

What are brand photos, and when do you need them?


What do my brand photo sessions look like? 

I have a

laid-back personality when interacting with clients so it’s easy to work with me. At the same time, if you’d like me to direct you on poses or style, I am happy to do whatever it takes to produce the best photos you need.


My photo sessions usually go from 1-2 hours, depending on your business branding needs. In Stephanie’s case, our entire shoot was located inside a local coffee shop, and we wrapped up within 2 hours. We discussedwhat moods she was going for, where she would be posting the photos.

Additionally, I communicated to her when she would expect to get her photos. Despite the fact that I’m quite the perfectionist with photos (one photo could involve multiple edit cycles), my typical turnaround time is relatively fast, which is a welcome surprise to my clients who are accustomed to waiting longer for their photos. 1-2 days. I pay attention to the speed of my turnaround because I know Instagram influencers and other creatives sometimes need a new photo to post asap, which is what my service is catered towards. This is how my editing process usually goes:

  • To cut time on post-production, the vetting and editing process starts after the shoot on my camera. I will usually delete photos that are too blurry/overexposed/otherwise deemed unusable.
  • In Lightroom, I love to create custom presets for each photoshoot, sometimes even for each photo. Usually this means that I will pick a photo that is representative of the set, and then I change the lighting, colors, and tones to project the desired mood.
  • In Photoshop, sometimes I will just use it to correct any glaring issues with the photo or a distracting background.  I’m quite light on Photoshop editing though if it’s not necessary (my clients are flawless ;)).
  • *If requested, I can produce photos to work well for a specific social media platform. For instance, your Instagram feed is different from photo format for Facebook or your blog. I would do my research in advance to match the format.
  • I gravitate towards Google Photos/Google Drive for it’s amazing convenience in sharing photos.
  • I’m most selective with photos that I churn out, so a client may see 20-30 photos max edited. I do not provide RAW or unedited photos.

Camera & Editing Details:

I currently use a Canon T6 with 18-55mm (which is the kit lens) or 50mm f 1.8 prime lens.

Instagram Bloggers! You may request specific editing which would suit your feed. For example, I create custom presets from scratch, which will give you any kind of Instagram feed look.

I edit with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.






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