Girl Boss Stephanie Mai On IG Illustrations and Social Impact Businesses

“Since high school, I wanted to start my own business with social impact in mind. However, it wasn’t until I took a Creating a Company entrepreneurship course at the University of Washington that my dream started to become a reality.”

Stephanie would meet an equally-minded soul sista from that business class, Joyce Tang, who would share her social impact mission. They would become cofounders of a women’s health-centric startup called Bathing Beauteas, while partnering with UnBound – a nonprofit that supports survivors of sex trafficking.

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So Stephanie, I’m aware that you are a freelance designer/illustrator on the side of your 9 to 5. How did you get into the cool designs you do that we admire on your Instagram feed?  

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9 Lessons She Learned From Job Hunting (& how to land the job of your dreams)

9 Job Hunting Lessons

By Cheryl Yee 

I was truly blessed when I was offered a job right after finishing my undergraduate’s degree in 2015. After two years working in the sports industry in Portland, I realized that some of my passions and curiosities lied in the tech industry in Seattle. The logical method when transitioning is to find a job before quitting. That wasn’t the case for me because it was too difficult for me to interview in a different city during work hours. (It’s different for everyone though!) I was job hunting for a month and half and it was one of the most difficult times. Here’s what I would like to share on things I’ve learned…

  1. Job Hunting is hard and time consuming for EVERYONE

Anyone who is looking for a job will go through this. You’re not alone and there is no exception. It’s hard because you don’t know what to expect and you don’t know when the grueling job hunting process will end. There are people out there who job hunt for over a year! But it’s okay, acknowledge that it’s a struggle but it’s also something that we ALL will eventually get through together. Great things don’t always come easily; you have to work for it. Make it worth your while and admit that it’s hard. Job hunting is a full time job of itself.

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