6 Tips for Female Entrepreneurs We Learned From TV Series “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

Hey ladies! Have you ever thought about starting your own business but lack motivation? Or maybe you own a business but want to take your business to the next level?

Enter Zhou Ying, from the Qing dynasty:


Before writing this post, I had an internal monologue that went like: How do you start off introducing a show that you fall deeply in love with: Chinese TV series with 74 episodes, set in the early 1900s. …When people’s eyes glaze over when hearing the words “Chinese drama” or instantly feel intimidated by the language? Continue reading “6 Tips for Female Entrepreneurs We Learned From TV Series “Nothing Gold Can Stay””

AFTER COLLEGE: 10 Post-College Graduate Feels

In life, we go through so many phases. Arguably one of the bigger ones in your younger years will be the moment you graduate. You embark on what adults misleadingly call, “the real world”. I’m about to address your biggest crisis in your 20s:

Why do I feel like when I finally have the financial freedom from my parents, that I start to censor and limit myself willingly? Is it weird that I’m not really using the major that I spent four years in classes for? Why do I feel dejavu every time Sunday comes around? Am I even qualified enough to *do this*? 

Well long story short, here’s a summary of how you may have felt in the first 365 days since college graduation: Continue reading “AFTER COLLEGE: 10 Post-College Graduate Feels”