Analyzing Instagram Feeds: What Successful Fashion Instagrammers Do (100K+)

In this post, I’ll examine the Instagram feeds of the following fashion bloggers: @kkarmalove (~300k), @waikeezy (~100k), and @dressupbuttercup (~250K). This is just meant to be a fun post – maybe even shed some insight – that explores ways to up your Instagram game!


Disclaimer: all photos belong to their respective owners. Cover photo photo credits to Ryan Chua.

I tried to pick a set of bloggers with differing amounts of followers, who use Instagram primarily as a platform, in conjunction with their own style blogs. First I’ll introduce who they are, then breakdown of their Instagram feeds in terms of content. My analysis of pattern will focus on a set of 9 photos in their feed, which is the first thing people see when they stumble onto your Instagram. Finally, I’ll end the post by giving you some action items on how you can grow your own Instagram as a fashion blogger: Continue reading “Analyzing Instagram Feeds: What Successful Fashion Instagrammers Do (100K+)”